Journalist uncovers story behind viral photograph of underground fire


(Photo by: Stephanie Sands)

Recently, a columnist for The Omaha World-Herald tracked down an almost unreal photograph to its original source after it had become an internet sensation.

Because many things these days are altered with photo-editing software, he wanted to get to the original source to get the story behind the photo. Simply by looking at the photograph, finding information from social media websites such as Reddit and traveling to the source, he uncovered who had taken the photo and the events that had happened that day from her account. Matthew Hanson’s column shows what steps he took to finally getting to the bottom of the story.

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“Give the world a reason to dance” – Kid President


(Photo by: Kelsey Jacobson)

Hello internet world! My name is Emily Cunningham and I am currently a freshman mass communication major at Towson University. As a staff writer for the university’s newspaper, The Towerlight, I have written about some pretty cool events happening on campus. And as a PR manager for Love is Louder, I have seen this student group emerge as an effective and powerful presence within the university.

If I could be anywhere at this very moment, it would be Disney World (as you can probably tell from the picture). I think it would be super nifty if there were Fast Passes in real life. There is still some doubt in my mind that the Harry Potter series is not a non-fiction narrative of the events J.K. Rowling encountered while in London. Any day can be made better with reruns of Whose Line is It Anyway. The Oxford Comma is essential to life as we know it today. I firmly believe that Josh Groban’s voice will one day be the sole cause of world peace. And after reading Stephen King’s novel 11/22/63, I want to travel back to the 1950s, but only for a little while because, well, women’s rights and all.

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